Hi there!

I’m a graduate of the computer science department at Texas A&M. I work with Epic as a software developer in Madison, Wisconsin. I have extensive experience with many frontend and backend technologies having worked with Amazon and Credera as well as my own projects.


I am an engineer by day and art critic by night. I am very fond of artistic expression in its many forms including movies, comics, and books. I enjoy experimenting in both facets of my life be it trying the latest trend in web technologies or watching a swedish arthouse film from the 1950′s (Who doesn’t love Bergman).


Be sure to check out my social media to see what’s going on. Find out what the the latest Star Wars movie I’ve seen is over at Letterboxd or discover what hot new Javascript framework I’m tinkering with at Github. Throw in some boring stuff at Linkedin and some fun stuff at Facebook and Twitter and there really isn’t much left (maybe some pictures at Flickr and my awesome playlists on Youtube).


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